Friday, September 13, 2013

September Spotlight: Oracle

September Dancer Spotlight

Every month we will be spotlighting a dancer in Westchester county.  This month, our spotlight turns to the Mystic Oracle!

Oracle hails from the southern lands of Georgia and has just recently begun to grace the stages in New York and Connecticut.  Bellydancing since 2000, Oracle has brought forth a theatrical quality to her tribal teachings, elegantly fusing the American nightclub and vaudeville stylings as well as the American Tribal Style for a performance described as sassy, sensual, and thoughtful. 

Oracle was the director of the Jahara Phoenix Dance Company in Lawrenceville, GA until 2012 when she moved north to Westchester county.  While teaching through the World Heritage Cultural Orazanization, Oracle was able to begin a new dance company, the Delphi Dance Ensemble. (for more information on the Delphi Dance Ensemble, see last month's spotlight here)

Oracle no longer teaches weekly classes, instead she dedicates her time to her performance company.  Currently, she is collaborating with the Westchester Circus Arts and the Weight Boys Band for a exciting new cabaret show in Westchester county. 

Her title of "Mystic Oracle" was generously given to her by Onca O'Leary at the Americana Burlesque and Sidesho
w Festival in Asheville, NC in 2007 where she wow'ed the crowd with her sensual sword act.   Oracle's ability to transform herself for any situation  has enabled her to perform for a variety of venues, from conservative church and school functions to sassy burlesque shows.

With that ability and the magic of enchanting her audience has truly proven her to be - The Mystic Oracle.

For more information, please contact oracle at 

If you are a teacher, performer, or student in Westchester county and would like to be featured in our monthly series, please email Oracle at

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