Monday, August 6, 2018

Summer's Swan Song

Sunday August 12th 12-2pm

Developing Signature Motifs With The Shayna Maydela Project

 · Hosted by Cheryl Gal-Zur

26 Vernon Valley Road, East Northport, NY 11731

Come connect! Mini Shayna Maydela Project performance, and workshop on developing signature belly dance moves based on personal gestural movement! The best dancers connect with their audience because their dance speaks what is in their soul. We will tap into our experiences to create personal gestures and develop them. Let's connect with our past, each other, and the audience!
40$ at the door. 30$ through paypal:

Friday August 17th-Saturday August 18th

Aug 17/18 2018-Boston NE "USA Grande Dame "Hollywood *VIVA la DIVA STARS**Za-Beth Phaedra Rose


-Fri 7-9pm--
BOSTON,NE-AUGUST 17/18 2018-
--For all Styles-with Our Fab -
Prestigious Panel ~ The Judges, Instructors, Performers, Speakers- BOSTON NE-SPOTLIGHT INSTRUCTORS -************************ 
Za-Beth Zills, Phaedra Rose-Boston-**************************** 
************************************************************************ Peter Polomski-,Ct-our 2018 official Diva Photographer--*Third Eye Photography Peter Polomskii will be the Official Photographer for the Boston "USA 2017 World Champion DIVA Crown!" CONTACT Peter Polomski
**FRI/ SAT AUG. 17/18 2018--!! BOSTON.NE- in the CITY- Boston Diva -PERFORM to ZA-BETH's "ARABIAN KNIGHTS "”New Flames of Araby” Live World Music !!
Always promoting The Art, The Joy, & The Magic that is Bellydance
Info ~
Thanx…Za-Beth ..* Phaedra Rose-.celebrate yourself!... zills@earthlink.nethttp://

DEP $75-COST-$180- TO JUNE after COST $200-JULY 1st final deadline-- 
TO HOLD SPACE- TEACHERS/LEADERS sign up THREE -the 4th person gets in for free! Pay one low price for the day 
send the names of your students/friends that are signing up
call for more info—
thanx, Za-Beth-
Holiday Inn Boston-Bunker Hill -30 Washington St.-Somerville, Mass. 01243-

Sunday August 19th  12-2pm

Where Are Your Arms? with Diana

 · Hosted by The Dance Space

   100 Barber Avenue, Worchester, MA 01606

Group improvisation via non-verbal communication is the core of American Tribal Style®'s dynamic presentation. Because our lower bodies are covered in full skirts and pantaloons, the majority of our communication happens using the arms and upper body. This workshop will focus on arm positions for several popular fast moves, and fine tune your placement for more efficient and intentional communication. As a happy side effect, be prepared to up your elegance game considerably! 

Please bring your zils, and be familiar with:
Egyptian basic
reach and sit
Arabic basic
Arabic hip twist
3/4 shimmy
box step
Chico four corners

*we may not get to all these moves in one session, but we shall try!


About Diana:
Diana Saylor, instructor and artistic director, took her first belly dance classes in Syracuse, NY, in 1999, and was hooked on the music immediately.

Diana was certified to teach ATS® in October 2011, and became a Sister Studio in 2012. She is delighted to share the joy of improvisational tribal style dance with her students and community.

Diana's dance education continues via the Sister Studio Continuing Education program, as well as workshops and classes in other dance styles. She's currently learning more about the folkloric dances from which ATS® draws a great deal of its inspiration. Diana is an AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor, and recertified her Sister Studio status in 2017.

Diana also performs as part of Trade Route Tribal Dance, New England's first regional ATS® troupe, and is part of the ATS® Reunion leadership team. She loves to collaborate with other ATS® dancers.

Sunday August 26th 3:45-5:30

August 2018 - Roxy & Dukes Workshop

Belly Dance Night at Roxy & Dukes
745 Bound Brook Rd, Dunellen, New Jersey 08812

Tunisia has a richly mixed cultural heritage that includes Phoenician, Berber, Roman, early Christian, Arabic and Jewish elements. The folkloric Tunisian style is earthy and features horizontal twisting of the hips and pelvic movements. Habiba will teach basic movements of Tunisian folkloric dance and a short choreograph.  

This workshop is appropriate for students of all styles of belly dance.

The music used for the workshop will be available for purchase from Habiba.

Please Note: Tunisian dance is hard on the balls of the feet -- you may want to wear a dance shoe or ballet slipper.

Workshop Cost: $30.00 Prepay / $40.00 at the door 
Advanced Purchase is open Now through August 20th.
Purchase can be made here:

Please stay after the workshop for our amazing show! Details can be found here:

**6PM Stay for the show

Come on out and join us for a night filled with fantastic belly dance - all while you sit back and enjoy a bite to eat and a drink!

This month's performers are:
Habiba Dance
Donna Bracchi Sullivan
Carol Tandava Henning

$10 cover charge at the door for the show
Doors open at 6pm, show starts at 7pm

Door opens for the show at 6pm, but there is an amazing workshop before the show that will be taught by Habiba - it is "Tunisian Dance with Habiba" For details please see:

Also, stick around at the end of the night for live music jam and dancing - bring your drum, your oud, your guitar, or your dancing hips!

Don't forget to join our website and get details and updates directly to your inbox for our upcoming shows and workshops! Our site can be found here:

Sunday September 1st 11am -Monday September 2nd 2:30pm

Elizabeth Strong Workshops in CNY


All for the Love of Dancing
305 S Main St, Syracuse, New York 13212
The 3 Early Girls are taking over all your Holiday Weekends! 
Presenting: Elizabeth Strong September 1 & 2 

Sign up for the entire weekend and dive in deep!

Elizabeth Strong is a San Francisco Bay Area dancer, choreographer, and teacher whose work focuses on the integrity and spirit of traditional dance forms inside of a contemporary framework. Elizabeth was a touring member of Bellydance Superstars, and was a founding member of Bellydance Evolution and of Beats Antique’s dance company with Zoe Jakes. A former principal member of Katarina Burda’s Aywah! Ethnic Dance Company, Elizabeth has traveled to Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Greece and Bulgaria to study closely at the source and is now considered one of the leading experts in the form. She performs with live music groups including Kugelplex, MWE, Brass Menazeri, and Fishtank Ensemble, and renowned world musicians including Faisal Zeidan and Rumen Sali Shopov.

Elizabeth has had original choreographies commissioned by Jill Parker and Jillina Carlano, and has received grants from Zellerbach Foundation and from Bill Graham Presents Foundation. Her Turkish Roman instructional DVD was released in 2011. Elizabeth currently teaches and performs internationally. Find Elizabeth (and her DVD) at


Elizabeth Strong Dance Teacher
Elizabeth’s teaching specialties include Turkish Roman, Bellydance, finger cymbals, musicality, floorwork, isolation, balancing with props, D.I.Y. Fusion, and strengthening. Elizabeth’s education as a dancer has been unique in that she has been trained through both Western, formal technique, and in the Old World style of following by simply watching and imitating. She tries to use both methods in her teaching, allowing the feel of the form to 
become familiar to her students, while guiding with explainations about important details, from muscle control to cultural background.

Most of all, Elizabeth strives to create a learning environment that is joyful, nurturing, and fun, as well as educational.


Musicality: 4 hours 11:30-4:00
Join Elizabeth Strong, former Bellydance Superstar and Emmy Award winning musician, Dan Cantrell to get a deep dive into musicality. Learn how you can shape your dance, improvise more freely, and feel confident and comfortable dancing to live music. With their twenty years of professional experience teaching and performing all over the world, this generous and heartfelt artistic couple provide a safe and inviting space to nourish your love of music and dance.

If you've got some basics and you're ready to develop your artistry, then this is the workshop for you!

5:00ish - ? We will not be having a show this time around but we will be having a laid back dinner reservations for any workshop participant who is interested. Eat food, hang out and chat about all the dance! Details TBA

Fancy 9/8 Footwork of the Turkish Roman: 4 hours 10:30 - 2:30 

This introductory course to Turkish Roman Dance will cover everything from toes to head, arms to belly. Fiery, fun footwork, and story telling gestures make this dance totally unique and expressive. Elizabeth learned this dance among the Rom (or “Gypsy”) people in Turkey, and has taught and performed for almost two decades. She is sought out as one of the leading experts in the form and sited as an international bridge between cultures. The fancy, fun styling of Turkish Roman dance are at once familiar and foreign to many belly dancers. The material offered in this class is 
challenging and deeply layered for all levels, offering sublime subtlety for advanced students and exciting overviews for beginners. Everyone will find a way to go deeper into their own practice while experiencing the rich and wonderfully colorful, traditionally improvisational movement of Turkish Roman dance. In this 4 hour intensive we will watch videos and learn a choreography!

9/8 footwork classes are a total workout that will make you feel great, and add depth to your own dance vocabulary, whatever your background.

-Every participant gets a bonus MP3 download of authentic Turkish Roman music to listen to at home!

Saturday OR Sunday workshop $90 (at the door $115)
Both Days $165 (at the door $200)

(while I'm trying to but may never get buttons up on my website please just paypal me)

PAYPAL: In your payment NOTES please include what is being purchased (saturday, sunday, weekend)

If you live in the area you can also pay by cash/check

Saturday September 1st 6:30pm

The Dance Space Oasis

 · Hosted by Hayam Raqs
   100 Barber Avenue, Worchester, MA 01606

The Dance Space Oasis- Bringing a little bit of the Middle East to Central MA!

Please join us for a family friendly evening of belly dance performances hosted by The Dance Space in Worcester, MA!
Doors open at 6:30 PM and showtime is 7:00 PM. This event is open to the public and will be held in the auditorium of the historic old Higgins Armory Museum. Entry is $10. 

We have a wide variety of performances ranging from folklore, ATS, cabaret, and fusion! Stay tuned for our exciting lineup!

We hope to see you at the show!

Love Baseema and Hayam

Saturday September 1st 7:30 - 10pm

Ishtar At Dogwood

 · Hosted by Lisa Ayleeza Quattrochi 

47 E Main St, Beacon, New York 12508

Melissa and Jeff with bandmates Ayleeza and Julian rock the Middle Eastern and Turkish Tunes at Dogwood in Beacon. The flair of Ishtar’s talented crew bring past and present music alive with a flourish.

Sunday September 16th  1-5pm

Fall into Shimmies Bellydance Swap and Sell Bazaar


440 Lafayette Street, New York, NY

As promised, we're doing it again. But this time we're doing it in the city at the Playwrights Downtown Studios (formerly 440) in their White Box.

So if you have an excess of gently used bellydance costumes pieces, jewelry, accessories, CDs and props that you no longer have a need for....

Are you a dancer who have limited funds and cannot afford brand new costumes, props, and/or accessories?

Well this is the swap and sell bazaar for you!  

THIS SWAP AND SELL BAZAAR IS NOT OPENED TO VENDORS! This event is intended for bellydancers who would like a space to swap and/sell their gently used goods to fellow dancers. 

6ft tables will be provided. 

Table prices are as follows:
1 table $30 until August 31st / $40 after or until sold out
2 tables $50 until August 31st / $60 after or until sold out 
Due to spacing no more than two sets of double tables will be sold. 

$2 Entrance fee for shoppers

For table rentals:
1. You can send payment via PayPal to Sonseeahray at (friends and family option)
2. Send email to me at notifying me of payment and number of tables you wish to rent

If you do not want to use PayPal, please contact me at and we will discuss alternatives. 
I also accept Venmo and CashApp

Playwright Downtown Studios are easily accessible by public transportation.

Friday September 28th-Sunday September 30th

Choreographer's Vision 2018 featuring Kami Liddle

 · Hosted by Danielle Hutton

It's the third installment of Choreographer's Vision, and I am so excited to announce that Kami Liddle as the featured teacher this year!

September 28-30, 2018
Studio location to be announced!

Limited to only 20 students!


FRIDAY // 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Power and freedom in movement emerges from having a calm and grounded center. A dancer who has mastery of their center of gravity is able to move through space effortlessly, to stop on a dime, and change momentum with ease. Kami will lead exercises to help strengthen and move from the core, to challenge your balance and move through floor work without fear in order to find a wide spectrum of expression. Knee pads, dance shoes/socks are suggested but not required.

This is a condensed version of a full week-long intensive that Kami Liddle has developed called Conception that is part of her program Krysalis (Conception will be offered in 2019). These classes are designed for dancers exploring their own personal styles and to help give inspiration for generating new material.

SATURDAY // 10:00am - 1:00pm
In this session the focus will be on personal exploration and finding new and unexpected ways of moving . Kami will provide a basic framework of movement sequences that students will take apart, remix and build upon. We will discuss and explore how to develop the creative mind, how to utilize your inspiration or a lack thereof and how to direct your attention and intention.

Please bring notebook, a writing device and one image that you finding inspiring.

SUNDAY // 10:00am - 1:00pm
Please note, students must take the first class (Rhythm, Texture and Nuance) in order to take this workshop.
This class will give the dancers the time and space to explore different possibilities to discover and develop their own artistic voice. Getting in touch with and recognizing your movement idiosyncrasies is key to fine tuning your individual voice within the dance. We will explore how emotions can transform material or be used as stimuli. In these sessions, dancers will explore many ways to arrange movement onto themselves, other dancers and groups. 

Friday only - $50 before 8/31; $65 after 8/31
Choreographer's Toolbox (Saturday & Sunday only) - $200 before 8/31; $250 after 8/31
Full Weekend - $300 before 8/31; $350 after 8/31

Registration Opens April 15 at 12:00pm on!

Sunday September 30th 7-9pm

Aynur - NYC

 · Hosted by Aynur Doğan and 4 others

The John L. Tishman Auditorium
63 5th Ave, New York, NY

Aynur NY Premiere!

Salman Gambarov, Piano
Cemil Qoçgîrî, Tenbûr
Special guest: Kinan Azmeh, Clarinet  

Aynur is one of the most prominent musicians from Turkey and a proud representative for the Kurdish people. Her music is based on traditional Kurdish folk songs, many of them going back 300 years, which she blends with Western music in a modern and fresh way. Her lyrics often describe the life and sufferings of Kurdish people, in particular women.
Aynur has collaborated with artists such as Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble, Kayhan Kalhor, Javier Limón, Kinan Azmeh, and has appeared in the documentary film “The Music of Strangers” about Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble.  

Special guest this evening will be Syrian clarinet virtuoso and composer Kinan Azmeh, a member of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble.

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Sunday September 30th 7:30-9pm

Choreographer's Vision: Unmasked

 · Hosted by Danielle Hutton and Kami Liddle
What kind of mask do you wear in your day to day life? What does it look like to remove it? Unmasked is a theatrical fusion belly dance salon that explores the inner self and a person’s ability to reveal it. Performers are given the freedom to remove their masks and reveal what is authentic to them, from an expression of joy to an ode to self love.  

Rin Ajna
Carola Amuletic
Francesca Avani
Rose Calavera
Brenna Crowley
Groove Merchant
Danielle Hutton
Heather Labonté
Yvonne Michelle
and White Rose Collective

$35 in advanced; $40 at the door

Dixon Place
161A Chrystie Street
between Delancey and Rivington Streets
Bar Opens at 6:30pm. 
Doors open at 7:00pm. 
Show starts at 7:30pm.